Our Mission Statement

Swiss Moves is located in the heart of New York City, so feel free to stop by our private showroom to personally view our luxury watch collection. we recommended booking an appointment for complete privacy and satisfaction. 

Life without art is bland, thats our belief. Our love and care for Swiss luxury watches began with a simple idea: “Art expresses who we really are”. What better way to express our love for art than in the century old masterpieces of swiss watches. We focus on limited pieces that are beautiful and speak to the soul. “Watch therapy” is what were aiming for, timepieces that communicates both luxury and art. We all have defining moments of artistic greatness, we believe that intrinsic values should be passed down as well as the things that move us towards greatness.

The history we take with us is the ones we place the most value on. Our love for watches transcends the traditional sense of time, high end watches can last for two hundred years. We’re basically selling time machines that get passed down from one generation to the next. We all have a story to tell, our watches tick away with probably more history than one can say. We take great pride in our team and care for high end swiss luxury timepieces. more importantly, we stand by them.

“We look at our phones for hours at a time, sometimes you need a break, travel back in time, enjoy a masterpiece, why not have one strapped to your wrist” - SwissMoves director and CEO

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